In our yard ‘s engineering it plays a key role and is followed at every point by highly qualified figures.

The concept of the lines d ‘water and’ matter has always followed directly from Tullio Abbate together with his team, which recognizes the ‘essence velocistica of the boats that are still a point of reference in the nautical world, until the search for materials that can make the boat “light” but solid and safe, both for new fabrics that resins in hull stratification and mechanical components.

The interior and exterior design is conceived through a thorough study about life on board for both the dynamics of living spaces into a true coupe ‘of the sea that, for new materials, combining aesthetic elements that allow the shipyard to move towards a cure object always more technical and with high usability to the customer.

The mechanical part even develops its own aft propulsion at the highest level (now no yard can boast as much) both the speed reached by boats, which for the lack of vibration at both low and high speeds that, with reduced fuel consumption and emissions which fall within the Protocol on the recent European regulations.

We always pay attention to the innovations of the manufacturers of engines and right in our engineering departmant carry out continuous tests to obtain the greatest comparative yields in terms of motoring annuity curves of reliability and fuel consumption as well as pairs with correct propulsion.

We can not and will never be an industrial product as we are the architects of a certain type of nautical today endangered, each boat Tullio Abbate and ‘one piece and we know that will sail for decades in every sea condition.

The experience and the timeless passion, are the main elements of three generations, which leads to conceive boats of this type: safe, elegant, powerful and sincerely nastra customers for decades and it ‘confirmation. And ‘born a new collaboration aimed at the restyling of the historical models, with the architect Paolo Virgolini, which has brought a wave of enthusiasm through the renewal of the interior of the Myth 40’.