<Let me explain the art of speed>

Every day, towards evening, the silence from the postcard enclosed body of water between the tip and the charms of Balbianello Bellagio is crossed by a thunderclap: Tullio Abbate trying a speedboat bullet-shaped. The lake is flat, the sun is at sunset. E ‘in a similar scenario, in the middle of that branch of Lake Clooney, who is celebrated for almost a century the pagan ritual more expected by the timpani of Lenno inhabitants, Azzano, Tremezzo, Griante. Here he was born the Italian speedboat racing. Here Guido Dad managed to invent the art of speed. And here Tullio Abbate, 72 son of a brilliant father among the pioneers of that era, continues to walk his path traced on the water. Invisible to most, very clear for him.

– Tullio Abbate, when he fell in love motorboating?  

<At 14, when I was in daddy’s yard. He is already a giant, I pendo from his lips. He mounts on the boat engine Alfa Romeo Fangio and realizes the “Laura”, fireball on which Mario Verga beats the record of the speed world average of 226 kmh. He sent me to France to learn the language, I do know the great F1 as Stewart, Clarke, I rely on GB Guidotti to let me know the world of speed. A proposit, Guidotti is the gentleman who won the “Mille Miglia” without headlights with Nuvolari. He loves the world of racing and starts running, but not to participate, to win>.

– The challenge of the highest level. In those four kilometers of the lake it is the best of Italian motorboating: Abbate, Timossi, Mostes, Molinari Lezzeno, Colombo.

<All smart people, who had worked with Dad. But I was young, I had a lot of ideas in your head. And the desire to make revolution, the real one, that of technology. So one day in Paris, I see metaphorically Madonna>.

– Miraculous apparition in the form of vessel?

<It runs the Six hours of Paris and among the usual racing cars seems to me a very small boat with the hull V. It was also bad. But he had the material: fiberglass. The light, the future. I fall in love and the problems begin. Dad can not stand the fiberglass. He who builds Stradivari with rudder does not allow the child to betray him as well. But I do not give up and in a garage (the yard I was forbidden) put together the first boat of my own. Dad watching him, grimaces and says it is one of carnations> box.

– Will he change his mind?

<In never end. However, it must be convinced, because the Carnation tape begins to win. In 1964 risk of finishing first in the league in Europe with an engine in 1300 against 5000 and 8000 of the big. Of course, their boats weigh 15 kilos, my 300 pounds>.

– Tullio Abbate conquers all, European Championships, World Cup competitions, the Centomiglia del Lario. Vince also in life: in 1969 he opened his first construction site almost opposite to that of the father. The challenge continues.

<Since then, in 40 years I baked 8500 boats and I sold all over the world. On those boats I had the honor to even put engines Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini. Among my clients Schumacher, Piquet, Gilles Villeneuve, Keke Rosberg, Maradona, Matthäus, Prost, Pironi, Ayrton Senna, Vialli, Mancini, Giacomo Agostini, Jacky Ickx, Björn Borg, Bruno Giacomelli, Vittorio Emanuele di Savoia, Stefano Casiraghi and Princess Caroline of Monaco, and not for the last Sylvester Stallone and Madonna. The Marzotto family, De Nora, the Versace family. Here we are used to stars about thirty years before the ‘arrival of Clooney>.

– So the myth of speed on the water lives in the building site that was a textile mill and where they built tennis rackets and skis.

‘I am the man and the lake never abandon this corner of the world. Here I was born the Sea Star and the ‘Offshore 36, the Executive and the’ Exception, a boat that changed the history of sailing. Speed and safety; one day my cardinal points have also become those of Giorgetto Giugiaro>.

– When he met the great designer gave her the crazy.

<It happened when we put in the water the Exception 70. He said: “Beautiful but now let me see the designs.” I looked at him and replied: “No, let them now.” I had built with Dad’s method. He, when he had an idea, he drew four lines on the floor and then made the mold. He did not want to believe it, thinking I did not want to give him the construction drawings and was about to leave … so we became great friends and we started our collaboration>.

– Father Guido, the guru of the wood, then gave her satisfaction?

<He retired in 1975. Since then looked at my yard grow from its lakeside terrace. He saw pass my speedboats and made quality control. He understood everything from the noise and water skiing. He would call the mother Paola and saying, “Look, what has the engine too far ahead.” I brought me luck: in 1975 I sold 250 boats a year, with 350> tips.

– Now what are the objectives?

<I celebrate the 40 years of the yard and go forward. They are flanked by my children, all play a specific role in the construction site. A nice team. In this mirror of water, which in the DNA the speed, you will continue to hear the roar of our engines. Among my dreams there was a particular boat, but one; a boat that could attack the myth of the Riva Aquarama. It is called Villa D’Este Special and was born with the sketch of a pencil. A beautiful mahogany speedboat hyper and fast. As I was building emozionavo me and remembered the art of folding my father’s wooden>.

– When Tullio passes with the Villa d’Este in front of Lenno terrace he does not feel any breeze.

<This time even Dad would Guido criticism of Finkelstein. The circle is closed, and I’m going back where I started. I come from him. With a single boat, and with the smell of the glue under the nose>.

Giorgio Gandola